AAheldbybigsistershospHow are you going to handle the change?

When you have a new baby on the way, so many questions go through your mind.  Am I going to be a good parent?  Will my baby be healthy?  Will s/he sleep through the night?  What do I do when…?

When you have a second, third, fourth, etc. baby on the way, the biggest question most parents who have already had at least one child ask is, “How is my older child going to adjust to a new baby?

You’ve probably heard some of the classic ways the big sibling can adjust to the new baby in the house:  have

NSFS shutterstock bullying Sticks and Stones Aren’t the Only Harmful Methods Many adults can still recall the name of the “school bully” (or bullies) from childhood. Bullying is not a new challenge for children, but it should not be dismissed as simply “a part of growing up”. Bullying is a serious issue of abuse:  it can be emotional, verbal, physical, or some combination of the three. In 2011, the Journal of Child Development discussed a study conducted at UCLA where it was determined that verbal abuse happens twice as often as physical abuse and “the students who were beat up and those who were called names were equally bothered.” Today, we have an additional form of bullying: cyber bullying, which takes bullying to a whole new level and can continue to harm children when they want to be in the safety of their own homes.  How will you know if your child is being bullied?

NSFS shutterstock bullying parent helping My Child Won't Tell Me What's Going  On Even if your child won’t talk with YOU about being bullied, the important thing is that he feels he has a safe place to go to talk about it.   Know the 11 warning signs your child may be a victim of bullying. Whether it’s an aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, coach, family friend, or social worker, make sure your child feels safe talking to someone. If your child does tell you about the bullying, don’t assume that your child has done something to cause it. It may not make sense to you, but at this point it doesn’t matter why it’s happening, it just matters that it is indeed happening.

NSFS Innocent until Proven GuiltyTeens often ask their parents if they can go out with friends, to the mall, the movies, the local hang out, etc.  As a parent, your gut reaction may be to say no because of all the potential dangers of saying yes to your teen.  But, before you respond to your teen's request, make sure you follow the law. Should a Teenage Girl Be Allowed to Go out in Public with Two Male Friends? Recently, a friend asked on social media if she truly was the horrible parent her teen thought she was when she wouldn't allow her  daughter to go to a mall with two male friends (one year her senior). Many parents chimed in with support for this mom with comments like, "Good for you!" or  "Do you remember what you were doing with teenage boys at her age?" or "It's not her you should be worried about, it's the boys."  When I read this, I restrained myself from commenting for quite some time.  Actually, it was probably an hour or two, but whose counting?