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I have had a place to come and talk about whatever I want. No matter how little of a problem I thought it was. I was able to get advice from someone else. I felt safe coming each time and wanting to be here. I was able to learn how to deal with my stressors and take control of myself.

A.K. Northbrook office December 28, 2018

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I have made a lot of progress. Courtney Baumann has been my therapist for a few months now. She is really helping me – more than she probably knows. I was encouraged from the first session when she outlined an 8 week plan for looking at the internal and external landscapes that influence thoughts, actions, and decisions. Courtney gave me homework that first week and continues to give me assignments each time we meet. As a teacher, I can’t tell you how much I value this kind of approach. In sessions she listens, asks pointed questions, calls me on my BS (my words not hers), and focuses on the positive things I am doing, and the progress I am making. I have been in counseling several times before and Courtney is the best therapist I have had. I told her during the first session about a major life event earlier in my life and that it was “behind” me as I had dealt with it in previous counseling and it did not have anything to do with why I am in counseling this time. While she never said anything at the time, we have come back to that “old” issue and I have learned so much more and that there is much more to learn. Amazing for something that was supposedly “put away” years ago. Courtney lends books freely, answers emails quickly, sends links and videos for further research outside of our sessions, and provides opportunity and motivation to improve. There is an art and science to helping people and Courtney has mastered both. She has the technical knowledge and intelligence to develop a treatment plan and focus on issues that are more important. She also has the art of counseling well in hand a she is creative, adaptive, humorous, and relatable. I feel lucky to have found Courtney as a therapist.

December 3, 2018

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Courtney has helped me so much. I absolutely love seeing her every week. I appreciate all the things she is teaching me and helping me be a better person. The amount of compassion and understanding is amazing. Since coming to see her she has given me the want to enjoy life again and gives me the motivation and courage to better myself. She is definitely an asset to North Shore Family Services. I look forward to being able to continuously see her and grow.

C.P. Libertyville Office November 25, 2018

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She’s been neutral to disliking going to three previous counselors, but Courtney has been a great fit for her. She seems to tailor the office environment specifically for when our daughter is there to make her comfortable, and Courtney’s quickly built her trust. Courtney is welcoming of my input and I’m more optimistic about our daughter’s mental health and our family relationships.

K.L. Libertyville Office November 23, 2018

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My son has loved coming to therapy! Therapy has helped him have coping mechanisms and hold him accountable. Therapy gives him a safe outlet.

M.F. Northbrook office November 18, 2018

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We’ve been able to communicate better with our daughter and have a better understanding of her misbehaviors – and the why behind them. We love working with Courtney. She really has a gift working with children. My daughter has already built trust with her and looks forward to her visits. Courtney has a tremendous ability to get to the root of the problem – but using a kind and nurturing voice. I feel very comfortable talking with her. I am very thankful that we have been able to have this opportunity to talk with Courtney and learn more about how we can help our daughter.

M.S. Libertyville office November 18, 2018

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Our son has been doing better getting up in the mornings. He can catch himself if he is having a bad morning. He seems happier in general. He definitely is not fighting with his younger brother as much. He does not seem as emotional, and seems to be more of a happy kid. The other day he had a bad morning. When he got to school he sent me a text to apologize for his behavior.

B.W. Libertyville office November 15, 2018

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We have been more planful and intentional in our parenting/discipline approach. We’ve been more aware of our daughter’s emotions. We’ve learned some easy techniques for addressing emotions and behaviors. We have more confidence in our parenting.

Our daughter has developed more confidence. She’s learned to control her anger towards her sibling. She’s learned techniques to calm herself and control her impulses. She’s learned how to more positively engage her sibling so that she plays with rules and boundaries. She’s learned to more effectively express herself and feels increasingly comfortable doing so.

A.B. Northbrook office November 14, 2018

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We have been more planful and intentional in our parenting/discipline approach. We’ve been more aware of our daughter’s emotions. We’ve learned some easy techniques for addressing emotions and behaviors. We have more confidence in our parenting.

Our daughter has developed more confidence. She’s learned to control her anger towards her sister. She’s learned techniques to calm herself and control her impulses. She’s learned how to more positively engage her sister so that she plays within rules/boundaries. She’s learned to more effectively express herself and feels increasingly comfortable doing so.

A.B. Libertyville office November 14, 2018

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We feel like we have someone in our corner. Whether it is through our sessions or thru emails, I feel like Julia always understand what we are going through and offers pertinent advice that is easy to apply to every day situations that we struggle with. Our daughter is learning to handle her emotions better and we have seen an improvement in her behaviors at home. We are all happy to have some tools in our toolbox for dealing with difficult situations.

T.P. Northbrook office November 9, 2018

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My son has really grown a lot since coming here! His performance in school has improved and I often see him suing the techniques he learned to help him focus and control his frustrations.

L.K. Northbrook office November 8, 2018

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Julia has helped both our kids manage their anxiety by giving them tools to use on a daily basis. Before coming to North Shore Family Services our son cried on a daily basis because he was always worried about something. After seeing Julia he never cries and if he’s worried he has learned how to talk himself through it without getting upset. Our daughter has also started seeing Julia and she has helped her with social issues along with anxiety. Julia has truly helped both kids!

L.F. Northbrook office November 8, 2018

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Our daughter has started to handle/manage her stress. She hardly cries or feels nearly as overwhelmed as before. She is definitely better at handling stressful situations.

H.C. Northbrook office November 8, 2018

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My son has grown so much in the year he has been working with Kendra. He is learning to have positive feelings about himself. And most importantly learning to reframe negative thoughts to positive thoughts. As parents feeling helpless it is heartbreaking to see your child feel so negative about themself but we are also learning the tools to help navigate thru his feelings. We will continue to work with NSFS and are very thankful for Kendra and the practice.

D.O. Northbrook Office September 29, 2018

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Since my daughter has begun services her overall mood has improved. Therapy has given her an outlet for self-expression. Weekly, she is given goals that focus on self-improvement with an emphasis on socialization. She feels better expressing her feelings in a trusting environment. I am more than happy with the relationship she has developed with Theresa and the progress she has made.

J.E. Skokie Office September 12, 2018

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I’ve felt a genuine connection with my therapist. She dives deep into my emotions and makes them feel valid. She’s not only an excellent listener, but she offers feedback if I’m okay with it. I look forward to every session with my therapist because I feel like it’s a step forward in bettering my mental health.

T.S. Skokie Office September 5, 2018

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Our daughter is more confident. She had difficulty going to sleep and that has improved dramatically. She looks forward to her visits with Theresa and will talk about what she learned throughout the week. Theresa helped me find some lost faith within myself and the strength to stay centered in what matters most. We are so lucky we get to visit once a week. Thank you so much!

M.S. Skokie Office August 26, 2018

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Kendra has been amazing with our daughter. Kendra’s knowledge and patience have impacted her in a meaningful way and I really can’t say enough about her care/therapy. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this practice. Everyone is always warm and welcoming.

I.M. Northbrook office August 15, 2018

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She has developed much greater emotional maturity. She recognizes her emotions and has tools to begin processing them. I have observed her to have more confidence and a better outlook. She trusts Sarah, and is developing the skills she needs for emotional health in her life.

A.J. Northbrook office February 15, 2018

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My goals in the limited therapy sessions were to measure progress, effectiveness, and outcomes, and use that information to help guide or adjust what I wanted from these sessions…and that the treatment can end.

While I suspect that early improvement in therapy is predictive of a positive outcome, I am encouraged by the results I have achieved with Emily to date.

My goals and objectives were outlined in detail to Emily from the get go, to allow some clarity and direction for the few sessions I completed. Some objectives were more comprehensive than others, but Emily was/is focused on incorporating the effectiveness and progress of each circle discussed.

While I admit, measuring therapy progress, effectiveness and outcomes is not likely to be appropriate for all patients in all situation – this methodology worked for me.

Emily’s soft-spoken demeanor, calmness and levels of comprehension are to be noted and praised. I have accomplished much in the sessions we have experienced together and would recommend Emily in a heartbeat.

P.K. Skokie office February 15, 2018

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She has really improved in her home behavior. She used to hit her brother multiple times a day and had a really hard time dealing with “no” or situations that she did not agree with.

Today she is so much better with using her words and removing herself from difficult situations to give herself a time out.

Today when she meets with Elyse we deal with much less stressful situations/problems to solve – such as how to make bedtime routines less drawn out and how to listen when it is important.

Elyse has done a great job connecting with our daughter and earning her trust and work through her “silly” times to try to get out of difficult conversations.

H.G. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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Our daughter has made substantial progress. There is still a ways to go, but we are headed in the right direction. Thank you!

M.N. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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Sarah has been so amazing with our family. We started seeing her for our children. We see her now as well. She is always so responsive when I have emailed when faced with a difficult parenting situation. She understands my family dynamic. She has been the best thing for our family to get soe tools to parent better and have a better family dynamic.

I.L. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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My house has become a much more peaceful and civil place! It has been very helpful to have Sarah explain to my kids different ways their behavior has had to change and improve. She does it in a playful way that keeps them open to the feedback (it is hard for me – they are not so open to my approach!). Once she has taught them a certain skill, she also gives me a tool to remind them about how to / not to behave in a non-threatening way. IT has made confronting bad behavior much easier for me, and gave me confidence in my parenting style.

I am so thankful for the help Sarah has provided our family. Our stress level has plummeted. We still have our challenges, and there are good days and bad days, but we are worlds ahead of where we were.

K.T. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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Sarah is absolutely wonderful. Both my children look forward to our time together.

Our on understands why he attends therapy (to help focus in school). I enjoy that he values the lessons learned in session.

I believe we are in a good rhythm now with our sessions. Like any good relationship, it takes time to build a trust and bond. We are not one year into our sessions and we are in a good groove. Sarah understands the dynamics of our family well.

To quote our son, “I am happy and excited that Sarah helps me a lot.”

I also am happy that Sarah has a bond with both my children and is able to use sessions to relate to each of them.

K.G. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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The girls have been able to express their feelings about our divorce and just life in general and more specifically, how to get along with each other and how to deal with things when they go bad. While both girls have been given tools to deal with their anger or sadness I’m not sure these tools are used in the heat of the moment. I like the fact that hey have an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with Sarah. Sarah will draw them out . They look forward to seeing Sarah. In fact, they (we) would like them to see her more often. Sarah has really connected with the girls and they are very comfortable with her. Sarah has helped our family through a very hard time.

R.B. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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He is learning to cope with his feelings. He enjoys coming even when it’s hard work being done. He is happy to have a safe place to talk about difficult feelings.

Julia has been a great advocate for him. She is a good listener and knows how to draw him out when he starts to close down. They have fun playing games together too. I like that Julia checks in with me prior to his appointment to see if there is anything I want to share and calls me into session when there is something I need to know.

M.B. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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We truly couldn’t be any happier. Julia is the PERFECT fit for her. Julia is patient and loving – those qualities make it very easy for a young child with anxiety to feel “safe” to open up. I would refer anyone and everyone to come to North Shore Family Services.

In such a short period of time – I’ve seen a huge, positive difference in our daughter.

B.K. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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We’ve seen significant progress in his capability to manage his emotions without prompting and/or intervention. It’s been pretty amazing to watch in such a short period of time. The tools he’s learned he has retained with little reminding from us.

Thank you!

R.K. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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He has seemed more relaxed since starting therapy. He seems to be more reflexive on how he responds to situations. IT appears that things have improved in school as well. Thank you!

K.S. Skokie office January 15, 2018

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His task completion has been his best skill since starting. Mrs. Julia is very kind and he really likes coming to her!

M.P. Northbrook office January 15, 2018

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We’ve noticed our daughter better able to manager her emotions using techniques she’s learned in session. For example, we have seen her beginning to struggle with a frustrating situation and say “I’m going to use my wise mind.”

Overall we are very satisfied with the clinical and customer service we get.

M.H. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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He has learned new strategies to help him stay focused. He still needs to work at putting them into practice.

It’s been a good outlet for him to talk to Lisa about his struggles, and it’s allowed his dad and I to understand how at times our reactions may be negatively affecting him.

He feels very comfortable with Lisa and I’m pleased with how open he’s been in their discussions.

L.M. Libertyville office December 15, 2017

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He has made great progress in terms of recognizing his emotional state and calming himself down. He continues to handle disappointment and frustration in better ways. He is also more receptive to constructive criticism and correction.

C.R. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We have only been coming for a few weeks so far but thus far I’ve been very pleased. My son seems to feel comfortable with Julia, and we have already had some success with a few of the strategies she showed us. If nothing else, I already feel like we’ve made a step in the right direction.

L.K. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We have only had a few sessions but I am happy to have a plan for dealing with my daughter’s behavior. Julia is very responsive and has a lot of good ideas. Our daughter loves coming here.

T.P. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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He has become much more open to trying and learning new things with less frustration. According to his 1st grade teacher he was very resistant at the beginning of the school year but now is willing to take more risks and make mistakes. He still gets frustrated at times and struggles with self-esteem, but Julia has been amazing at teaching him ways to cope and shift his mindset. She’s GREAT at making him feel comfortable and getting him to open up in a setting that could be really awkward for a 6-year-old boy.

North Shore Family Services seems like a very organized and well run organization!

L.G. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We have identified many issues within our family that have attributed to our daughter’s lack of self-esteem. These issues have impacted her ability to perform in some social settings. Through talking with Lisa, we have been able to open the lines of communication between the four of us. We have developed much deeper relationships and truly enjoy each other. Our daughter has grown tremendously in the past four months – she is much more confident, secure with herself, and speaks her mind when she has something to say. The best part is that we have learned to listen and validate her feelings, not dismiss them, or always try to “fix them”.

She has learned many strategies to help her interact in social settings. I have witnessed her initiating conversations more often, offering appropriate comments and simply enjoying herself around her peers and adults.

Lisa has been a real joy to work with. We are thankful for all she has done to help Lauren – and all of us.

L.D. Libertyville office December 15, 2017

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Our daughter has become more open to therapy. She has not complained about the weekly visits, which was an issue in the past. She likes the activities done during sessions, and I think she feels heard. She has shared some of Emily’s suggestions and insights with me and we’ve made adjustments at home. I also appreciate that Emily set aside time for a parent check-in.

L.R. Skokie office December 15, 2017

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We have seen improvement in his ability to recognize when his emotions are starting to ramp up and get out of his control. He has been able to catch himself and utilize strategies he’s learning for self-soothing and calming. Him being in therapy has also helped the family dynamic by increasing effective communications amongst all of us who interact with him, particularly mom and dad. The most challenged relationship, between him and his dad, has improved and tension in the home has decreased overall.

A.A. Libertyville office December 15, 2017

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My daughter’s anxiety has been much better. She has learned many different ways to calm herself. Since the anxiety has become more manageable, we have been able to discuss with Lisa some of the other issues that many young girls are dealing with (friends, school, being assertive). While I normally would not send my daughter to a counselor for this, I think hearing another person’s take on it, who is not her parents, is extremely helpful. My daughter feels very comfortable with Lisa Brickert and we are grateful for that.

A.W. Libertyville office December 15, 2017

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We have seen a tremendous amount of growth in our son. We initially started therapy to help with managing our son’s outbursts and emotionality. We have worked through all of that and have since gone through the process of having him evaluated for ADHD and emotional difficulties. Kendra has helped us throughout the process of working with the psychologist and the school to get the most accurate evaluation possible. Our son has since been formally identified with ADHD and anxiety. We have seen a huge amount of growth from our son and as a family.

As parents we have received many great resources and tools to better help our son be a happier child. We have felt continuously supported and heard during our work with Kendra. She is our advocate and support to help our son be the best child he can be both at school and at home. We love our time each week and love the support we receive.

A.K. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We’ve become more dedicated at home to his needs and the advice provided to us. He has become more self-aware of his anxieties and we’re helping him through that. He’s a tough nut to crack! Kendra has been SUPER in gaining his trust. She’s got great ideas for him to try at home. She is incredibly talented! And we appreciate how vested she is in him!

K.R. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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I have noticed improvement in my daughter’s ability to control and manage her emotions. I appreciate that Kendra makes me feel like we’re working together and gives me great feedback. I don’t know what we would do without her. Our daughter looks forward to every weekly session and values her friendship with Kendra. We are so grateful to have found North Shore Family Services.

M.O. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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Julia has been kind and warm. She was very receptive to our concerns and has taken the time to address / respond to many (many) emails.

J.G. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We came for help with his anxiety and anger issues. It’s now only a few months and Julia has done so much for him!! He is managing his anger so much better and has been able to identify what triggers him! We are so proud of him and so thankful for Julia and all the tips / ideas she has given!

M.B. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We couldn’t be happier with Kendra. She is so good at getting to know our son and identifying issues that need work. She works well with him and gives me useful strategies to use at home too. Kendra reaches out to the teachers at school and his psychiatrist to understand the whole picture. We really appreciate her thorough approach.

Scheduling and communication via email is so easy.

D.P. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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Maggie’s ability to be self-confident while also advocating for herself has developed tremendously. We were fortunate enough to have developed a relationship with Kendra prior to her joining North Shore Family Services. Our daughter had always connected well with Kendra, so we are happy to continue seeing her regularly. We feel that Kendra has a very direct style with her that provides more progression than her previous therapist. What helps most is that our daughter continues to see value by seeing Kendra, and it is not just a waste of time to her. She wants the time and the opportunity to talk to someone outside of her inner circle of friends and family. Many times, I have observed her utilizing tactics or techniques that she discussed with Kendra and they work in her favor, which makes her believe and trust what Kendra is saying.

J.D. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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We have seen many improvements in our daughter. She has improved communication skills by listening, looking at the person who is speaking to her, and is usually more respectful. She has improved behavior and less anxiety. Kendra has been not only a great therapist, but a great resource to us as well. Kendra provides much needed counseling on skills to assist us in handling day to day behavioral issues. Kendra has also recommended outside resources to use in evaluating our daughter. Very grateful.

M.W. Northbrook office December 15, 2017

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He has developed strategies that have helped him to cope with his anxiety. His anxiety obviously exists but at a more appropriate level. It no longer interferes with his everyday tasks.

C.H. Northbrook office May 15, 2017

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We brought our daughter because she had been exhibiting behavior related to anxiety related to vomiting, summer camp and some minor school and social issues. She has been seeing Sarah for about 10 weeks and we have seen a great improvement! She is collecting her tools/activities in a binder that she will be taking to camp. In the past few weeks, she has stopped collecting her worries to talk about and has been working on reframing her negative thoughts.

We are very pleased with her progress and plan to continue therapy until she leaves for camp. When she returns, we will see how she is doing and may continue on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

M.S. Northbrook office May 15, 2017

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I feel that therapy is helping our son tremendously. I have seen a whole new side of him  in the last 3 weeks.

B.K. Northbrook office May 15, 2017

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We have been so extremely happy with the help we’ve received. There have been so many techniques that we have learned, and many of them I have shared with friends, too! Elyse has given our son tools to help him be more confident and to raise his self-esteem. Moreover, she has given me and my husband tools to help us help our son and our other son. We have been nothing short of impressed with the help we have received at NSFS. We have all been so happy with everything.

S.G. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

Our daughter has improved her behavior at home. She is able to recognize when she’s wrong and say sorry.

J.M. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

Sarah is wonderful. Her approachable style set my son at easy right away. We have been coming to Sarah for about two months and my son looks forward to their time together. I know that we are early in their time together, but I have positive feelings that we are headed in the right direction.

My goal is to set him up for success for next school year.

K.G. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

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I am really glad we are getting our son the help he needs. He has responded really well to Sarah. I can tell that she very quickly earned his trust (not an easy task). He is learning about awareness of his feelings. I have learned more about why he is reacting the way he is. He has some strategies that he is trying to practice. He has openly shared with me some instances of issues with me, and I make sure to point out he can talk to Sarah about them. I think he will need some more time to practice and until I starting seeing some different behaviors.

M.H. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

We really feel like our son greatly benefits from his time with Sarah. He gets excited about the coping activities he’s learned and takes them seriously. He still continues to need reminders when he gets anxious at night but he is talking about it and knows how to take care of himself and reduce the worrying.

R.W. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

Sarah has been fantastic with our son. She has helped address multiple issues and his given us ways as a family to work on the areas which our son is struggling on. It has been great because the exercises have given us new ways of helping our son understand feelings, how to address anger and how his actions can affect others. Sarah is always helpful and she works great with our son and us. She listens well and answers all of our questions in a timely fashion.

M.C. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

He seems to be doing a better job at managing his emotions and using his intelligence in a more productive way. Kendra has a good connection with him and her follow up has been fantastic. She has passion for her profession.

R.J. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

He likes talking to / playing with Kendra. We’re looking forward to seeing his general anxiety and fear being better as well!

S.D. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

We have seen some big improvements in his behavior. We are finding the behavior plan ideas and key phrases used regularly and both to be very effective. He looks forward to his session each week.

H.R. Northbrook office April 15, 2017

default image

I am seeing more openness from our son. I do think therapy is helping him. He is very hesitant to coming, but once he does he talks and talks to Sarah. I know it’s hard for him but it’s worth it. This will help him. He even said tonight it was working a little. I believe he knows it is.

I am learning more about him and his feelings / thoughts.

S.M. Northbrook office March 15, 2017

default image

We really like how Julia (our therapist) has been working with our daughter. She has a difficult time trusting people and opening up about what she’s thinking. Julia has created a great rapport with her, which helps so much. Julia is also giving our daughter a safe space to talk to her parents about delicate or uncomfortable subjects. All of this has helped her use the new coping techniques that she’s learning.

J.S. Northbrook office December 15, 2016

default image

My daughter really likes and feels comfortable with Haley. She has opened up to her and, as a result, it’s helped our daughter vent some of her stress and feel better. We have started some sessions too with the three of us which both myself and my daughter are finding helping in our communication. We love Haley!!!

D.E. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

My daughter has become more confident in her ability to push through situations that make her anxious. She has begun to learn to recognize physical feeling of her anxiety for what they are. This is helping her to identify those triggers earlier on, which helps her keep some control. She obviously still has situations that cause her anxiety, but she is doing so much better using the tools to keep herself from a full blown panic attack. Haley has done a great job helping our daughter accept that there is nothing “wrong” with her, that many young girls feel this wa, and has helped her to feel proud of herself when she makes progress of any kind.

K.H. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

Our daughter’s worst tantrums are no longer as long or as intense, dramatically so, in fact. She discusses her emotional process with more ease and familiarity with each part than before. The calming tactics we have used are even more focused upon giving her space to speak. She has more confidence, drive, and a more even keel in her daily tasks. We feel that we have an ally in her mental health journey.

T.M. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

Haley has worked with our son on executive thinking and dealing with different behavior issues such as anger and safe hands by playing different games and reading books. The repetition of these reminders is helping him focus on his challenges at school. He continues to have challenges during unstructured times at school and also at Adventure Campus. He needs assistance in how to handle his anger, frustration and anxiety in an appropriate way.

I think talking about his behavior issues with him is helping him move forward to learn the right way vs. wrong way to handle anger, frustration and anxiety.

He has made significant progress at school with executive thinking and listening and following directions and I believe all the things they are doing at school, seeing Haley every week and his gymnastics OT is all contributing to his progress in the last few months.

D.D. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

I feel like our daughter is making progress. Her transition to starting the new school year went pretty smoothly. We are about to conquer the drop off circle! I am very happy that we have also started to work with her on controlling her emotions using chill skills, thinking about the size of her problem, etc. I think these lessons are very valuable! I am also very happy with the relationship that Elyse has formed with her. She is finally ready to really open up with her. I have been very happy with our sessions so far! I’m looking forward to continuing to work together to support her.

A.W. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

Our son really enjoys his time with Elyse. We have been coming for anxiety issues, and I think it has benefited him to have another person to discuss his kindergarten fears with. My hopes now are that we can continue the discussions about his doctor appointments.

L.B. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

Our son has made a ton of progress. Issues are still there but not nearly as bad as they were. He has also been more assertive with his friends and classmates.

We feel he still needs to work on asking for help at school. He just feels that he should know it all. He is starting to get worried about finishing his work on time. It takes him longer because he doesn’t ask for help.

Overall, we are completely happy with the progress he has made in such a short time.

C.T. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image

Our daughter’s behavior has improved greatly. She generally has a better attitude, responsibility is growing, and seems not to be having separation worries at school. She seems to enjoy meeting with Haley and having someone to talk to that is not mom or dad.

We would like to continue to work on the obstinance in her behavior and try to encourage responsibility via allowance, etc. She is a good kid, but can stir up trouble when she doesn’t get what she wants.

Haley has done a good job presenting strategies to our daughter that she can utilize day to day. Our family dynamic has been much better. Relating to her in a different way seems to be effective. As parents we could likely use some additional strategies on how to deal with issues at bedtime or when she shows off for guests. We don’t want to take everything away, but we’ve struggled to find a consistent motivator.

Thanks for the help thus far.

J.K. Northbrook office October 15, 2016

default image
We were looking for help for our child because of negative behaviors at school. It is so hard for parents to try to try to help your kid when you feel lost. We had moved to this area last year and this took a toll on our kid. The unhappiness that took over crushed us, and those constant school calls were a struggle.
I feel so lucky and grateful we found Haley at North Shore Family Services. She was the gift we needed. With an incredibly sweet approach and patience she not only guided my child, she guided me too. We started seeing progress pretty fast. Her talks set in and started to make a big difference Smiles came back and school calls stopped!  We are finally back to the normal crazy home routine and have embraced our new town. By Haley helping and guiding my kiddo, she also helped the entire family deal with the stressful months and now have this be a thing of the past.  I do know that if I need anything else for any family member, I would without hesitation reach out to her and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of help!

M.M. Deerfield, IL September 18, 2016

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Thank YOU!

Elyse is a great fit for my son and North Shore Family Services’ approach to therapy is so different than the clinic we attended previously that it’s refreshing. I love that Elyse asked what our therapy goals are and will work to meet them. Cannot thank you enough! My 6 year-old son left your office feeling so grown up and not “babyish” at all. :-).

I also wanted to let you know that I was initially resistant to bringing my son because we have an out of network insurance, even though you came highly recommended. Our past experience with out of network insurance was horrendous and not one person at the previous places we attended helped us in the way you did with ONE email. Thank you. Thank you!

SZ Deerfield, IL September 17, 2016

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Miss Haley has been wonderful for our family. Our daughter had an extremely hard time with our move to Chicago, and we were at a loss with her behavior at school. During these past few months our little girl has come back to normal and Haley continues to help her progress and feel better about herself.

M.M. Northbrook office July 15, 2016

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He has demonstrated that he has retained the knowledge and skills he has learned during his sessions. We are currently working on implementing them in the correct ways. We have noticed that while he still is experiencing a lot of frustration, he is stopping to think about how to handle it before continuing, even if it isn’t in the right context. He is still exhibiting behaviors we would rather not see, but we are seeing them far less frequently.

J.M. Northbrook office June 10, 2016

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I have seen an improvement in our daughter’s mood and behavior! She feels like she is being heard, her feelings are validated, and she is working on strategies that can help her overcome difficult situations.

Although she is still working through the loss of friendships that were dear to her, she is making great strides to create new ones! I’d like to see her continue to work on the different aspects of friendship (gaining, maintenance, loss), as this will be important in her future and throughout her life. I am happy to say she has joined two organization that she really enjoys, where she has experienced positive interaction with the other students.

Other strategies our entire family has taken to stabilize her environment seem to be working. She has a student resource time for additional study. Everything is coming together.

C.A. Northbrook office March 5, 2016

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With your help, our son has become more resilient, more responsible, and more independent. He has a better sense of how he should be treated by peers and has made better choices about choosing friends. He has learned strategies for calming himself. He is sleeping better and is more willing to take risks without being deterred by fear of being unsuccessful.

A.P. Deerfield, IL May 21, 2015

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Since we have begun child therapy with North Shore Family Services, our 5 year-old daughter has become more confident and self-aware. She takes great pride in mastering her behavior and is working on being kind to herself when she has a setback. Her relationships with peers have improved and she has successfully attended birthday parties now. She loves coming to your office!

S.K. Lake Forest, IL May 21, 2015

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You have helped our children make a lot of progress. We are now living in separate homes, are divorced, and are working through many transitions and behavioral challenges. Our kids’ therapists at North Shore Family Services have been kind, attentive, and helpful. Not only do you give our kids skills and strategies to help them cope with the changes, your advice and tools have been so helpful to us as parents.  Our children have shown a lot of improvement and feel extremely comfortable. Thanks so much!

S.C. Northbrook, IL May 21, 2015

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I have noticed a change in him. He handles himself and is maturing. I also believe as parents we are learning how to cope better when he is having a hard time with something. We are moving in the right direction.

M.R. Northbrook office May 15, 2015

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He has become more resilient, more responsible and more independent. He has a better sense of how he should be treated and has made better choices about who he wants to be friends with. He has learned strategies for calming himself down (though we are still working on implementing them). He sleeps better and seems more willing to take risks without being deterred by fear of being unsuccessful.

A.P. Northbrook office April 10, 2015

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My teen daughter has been working with Dori for about five months now and she has been amazing. She has helped my daughter think things through, see new perspectives, how to deal with friends and teen pressures, and how to break things down into do-able pieces so they don’t seem so overwhelming. She’s also worked with her on mapping out a schedule to fit everything in and be more organized mentally and literally. Dori has been an incredible support and a voice of calm and reason. So fantastic!

L.K. Deerfield, IL December 5, 2013

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North Shore Family Services came HIGHLY recommended to me by a behavioral pediatrician for my 6 year-old son.

I had a great first impression when I emailed a bit about my son and the situation we are looking for help for and within an hour or two Dori, the owner of the practice, had already responded to my email!  I was assuming I’d have to wait a day or two to hear back.

Upon the first meeting with her (my husband and myself alone), I was very comfortable and confident that she would be able to help my son as well as myself.  My son has only seen her 8 times so far, but in those 8 visits we’ve seen a huge improvement in his behavior.  Right before the start of the school year, Dori had suggested we find a “good fit” teacher for my son and she wrote a letter to the school recommending the personality type of a teacher he’d be best suited to have.

I love how she uses game playing and play therapy to teach him things like thinking before you react, the connection between positive behavior and good consequences vs. negative behavior and not so good consequences, etc.  Dori is very down to earth and realistic with her suggestions on how to help my son.  My son gets very proud of himself when he’s done something that he’s learned how to do from a suggestion from Dori.  He’s excited to bring her things he’s drawn to show her and talk to her about.  She is great with open communication with parents which is HUGE to me.  I would highly recommend  Dori Mages to any family that is looking for help for their child!

K.S. Antioch, IL October 6, 2013

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I learned so much about myself and about how I want to be in the future.  You helped me to control my anger and communicate better with people in my life.  Thank you!

S.R.- a teenager Chicago, IL October 6, 2013

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You taught me I could do things I thought I could never do.  I feel good about that.  So many people focus on what I do wrong and it really helped that together we focused on the positive and aimed for a brighter future.

T.T. Chicago, IL October 6, 2013

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Thanks so much for your care and attention to our family.  Your work with our daughter is really shown by her new found confidence in herself and her abilities.  We are so glad we had the opportunity to work with you.

S.V. Chicago, IL October 6, 2013

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The experience I have had so far with Dori has been unbelievably amazing.  My daughter responded so well to her in the first five minutes of meeting her.  Dori has this wonderful, magical gift of making kids feel so comfortable, loved, and supported. She also gives concrete strategies on how to deal with things, not just talking. I feel so lucky that we crossed paths.  My daughter flourished from her time spent with Dori.

J.P. Glenview, IL September 27, 2013

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My 6 year old son has been working with Dori Mages when he was 5.  I had some initial concerns about beginning therapy for him at such a young age, but those were alleviated as soon as I met Dori and saw her interaction with my son.  Dori is very kind and nurturing and she made my son feel comfortable opening up to her.

I saw behavioral changes in him almost immediately.  Dori has not only helped me understand how to help make my son more comfortable dealing with anxiety, but has taught him tools needed to make those “worries” less scary.

I can’t say enough great things about Dori, I highly recommend her for anyone looking for family services.

J.B. Lake Zurich, IL September 21, 2013

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Dori is a highly engaged professional who has worked wonders with our child through some difficulties he has faced with school.  She is dedicated to bringing out the best in our young child.  We have seen significant improvement in the last year and continue to work with her.  Our son actually wants to see Dori more often and if we have to miss a week (due to other obligations), he has complained that we don’t see her enough.

She has been a wonderful advocate for our child both with the school and with our child’s other doctors.  Her one-to-one work continues to give our child the  skills he needs to achieve in his life.  I am very happy that we found Dori.

S.C. Glenview, IL September 21, 2013

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I have worked with Dori for years and trust her to provide the highest level of care to all of my patients. She has excellent clinical skills and a great sense of how to help families deal with a number of life circumstances.

Peter Dodzik Clinical Neuropsychologist/ Arlington Heights, IL September 21, 2013

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I had the pleasure of working with Dori to ensure the success of one of my 1st grade students. From the start, Dori established an open line of communication between herself and the school. She was available to answer questions, provide insight to my observations and make recommendations based on the child’s needs. Dori was able to help our school formulate a behavior plan that suited the needs of the student complete with language that was easily understood and goals that were achievable. Dori worked with me to minimize setbacks and would check-in on a regular basis. She was an integral part of the home-school connection and truly helped to educate the whole child!

S.K. First grade teacher/Gurnee, IL September 21, 2013

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Dori is a fabulous therapist.  She is professional and experienced and goes the extra mile for each and every client.  Her ability to establish relationships with clients, parents, and school staff is a unique approach not easily found.  I have been a colleague of Dori’s for several years and have consulted with her and relied on her vast expertise on many occasions.

K.A., MSW, LCSW Des Plaines, IL September 21, 2013

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Dori has done an awesome job with our second grade son and we have seen great improvements in both his focus in class and his interactions with his peers.  We have excellent communication with Dori and as parents have been very involved with his therapy.  Dori would make role-play booklets with my son to help him walk through situations at school and at home.  This helps engage my son in his developing solutions to his issues, and served as a reminder for us to help reinforce these positive behaviors at home.  Dori has helped my family immensely and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist.

D.M. Gurnee, IL September 11, 2013

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Dori is a colleague who has blown me away with her professional and clinical savvy. She understands families and children and makes therapy engaging, fun, and effective. I highly recommend Dori Mages and her staff to any family seeking child therapy, therapy for their teens, or parenting help!

Danielle M. Chicago, IL August 23, 2013

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My grade-school aged son has been working with Dori Mages and the progress he has made is phenomenal. Dori’s approach is very hands-on, which works very well for my child. She has helped him how to be more flexible, more patient, to manage his anger more appropriately, to recognize important social cues, etc. She works one-on-one and in small groups, and utilizes all sorts of games to get the kids thinking about their behavior.

Dori has been a strong advocate for my child’s success at school, and has worked closely with me and his teachers to make sure that what he learns with her is carried over to the school setting.

She responds to her emails and phone messages at all hours, and has always gone the extra mile for our family.

M.D. Winnetka, IL August 23, 2013

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