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Our services are customized to the needs and strengths of every client

our services for kids and teens

For Children & Teens

For kids and teens, we utilize CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) , DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), and play therapy techniques to connect their thoughts to their behaviors and consequences. We  love to use creative and fun techniques to teach lifelong skills.

our services for couples

For Adults & Couples

For adults, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) techniques are also effective, so you learn what works to help you better manage your stress, emotions, and actions to get the results you want.

For Families

We believe that all the work we do, whether it is working with your children and teens or with the parents or young adult, inevitably helps families.

our services for schools

For Schools

Our staff has more than 20 years of experience working in the public schools. We know the services and accommodations that can help kids and teens have successful school days and we strive to help them achieve their goals.

Leading Experts on Mental Health

Our therapists at North Shore Family Services are engaging and approachable, so kids feel comfortable and even teens want to (yes WANT to) continue with therapy after their initial visit. We have a gentle, yet goal-oriented approach and although we are experts in our field, we believe parents are our greatest asset in the treatment process.

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We know the social, emotional, academic, and behavioral challenges that can wreak havoc in the home and school settings for children and adolescents.  Through frequent collaboration with parents, school staff, pediatricians, and other specialists and therapists who may also work with the clients we see, we can all work together to achieve the ultimate goal. We want children and teens to learn the skills they need to be successful in school, with peers, and within the family, long after therapy has ended.

For adults and couples, we work together to help you find effective ways to communicate and resolve issues within your relationships: with family, friends, coworkers, and in everyday life.

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