NSFS Innocent until Proven GuiltyTeens often ask their parents if they can go out with friends, to the mall, the movies, the local hang out, etc.  As a parent, your gut reaction may be to say no because of all the potential dangers of saying yes to your teen.  But, before you respond to your teen's request, make sure you follow the law. Should a Teenage Girl Be Allowed to Go out in Public with Two Male Friends? Recently, a friend asked on social media if she truly was the horrible parent her teen thought she was when she wouldn't allow her  daughter to go to a mall with two male friends (one year her senior). Many parents chimed in with support for this mom with comments like, "Good for you!" or  "Do you remember what you were doing with teenage boys at her age?" or "It's not her you should be worried about, it's the boys."  When I read this, I restrained myself from commenting for quite some time.  Actually, it was probably an hour or two, but whose counting?

Shutterstock video games rules two kidsIs Your Child Playing Video Games Too Much?

Most parents feel that their kids are playing video games too long.  It may not be as bad as you think.  If you haven't read our original article on video game playing time, take a look at what 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if your kids' video game playing time is too much.   Maybe don't show this to your kids.  :-)

Is My Child Playing Video Games Too Much? Parents frequently ask us this question.  How much time should I allow my child or teen to play video games?Shutterstock video games The Bad There are countless articles, blogs, books, etc. published about how video games can be addictive and how they decrease brain cells, etc. It's not that we doubt the statistics, but there are also some benefits to video games.

top-wrapperPlan Your Conference "Must Discuss" Topics Parent-teacher conferences offer a short time for you to meet with your child's teacher.  It's a time for you to know how your child is doing- what successes she is having and where she may be struggling.ShutterstockParent Teacher Conference Before the Conference 1) Sign up for conferences early!  If you have limited available times to meet, this will enable you to schedule during your most-preferred times. 2) Know what you want to know about your child.  Make a list of what you want to know about how your child is doing.  Do you know how he is performing in core subjects?