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If you are home on spring break with your teen, you have probably experienced her lack of interest in doing anything over break- asserting that she "just wants to chill." If your teen has no plans to go on a trip for break and YOUR idea of spring break isn't watching him focused on some variation of a screen (video games, social media, texting, tv, taking selfies, etc.) while on the couch eating snacks, then why not make the time off from school an opportunity for your family to chill out together?

Shutterstock video games rules two kidsIs Your Child Playing Video Games Too Much?

Most parents feel that their kids are playing video games too long.  It may not be as bad as you think.  If you haven't read our original article on video game playing time, take a look at what 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if your kids' video game playing time is too much.   Maybe don't show this to your kids.  :-)

Is My Child Playing Video Games Too Much? Parents frequently ask us this question.  How much time should I allow my child or teen to play video games?Shutterstock video games The Bad There are countless articles, blogs, books, etc. published about how video games can be addictive and how they decrease brain cells, etc. It's not that we doubt the statistics, but there are also some benefits to video games.