How to Motivate a Lazy Child

how to motivate a lazy child

How to Motivate a Lazy Child

Kids were meant to move. They were born to play and run around. In an era of online gaming, smart phones, and YouTube it can be hard for kids to want to get up and get moving, so it’s important to promote movement and activities that increase your kid’s activity and exercise. Before we explore how to motivate a lazy child, lets identify what physical activity is.

What counts as physical activity?

Physical activity is truly anything that gets your kids moving. Encouragement and motivation are two factors that can help with this. Whether it’s planning an outing to the trampoline place or heading over to your local park district for an open gym, or an activity class, it’s important to find out what is available in your area in order to motivate at lazy child to get out and engaged. Being active isn’t just for getting out of the house, it is also good for your minds and bodies.

Why is physical activity so good for growing brains?

It builds their cognitive functioning

  • Exercise and being active releases endorphins, which can help decrease anxiety, and improve sleep.
  • A single session of moderate physical activity will immediately boost brain function, cognition and academic performance.


It nurtures their engagement, motivation, and psychological well-being

  • Physical activity will boost their self-esteem;
  • Increase the growth of relationships with peers, parents and other important adults in their lives such as teachers and coaches.
  • Regular and organized physical activity training helps to build important life skills (interpersonal, self-regulation) and core values (respect, social responsibility).


What we can do to help get our kids up and out

How to motivate your lazy kid is as simple as joining them in being active. By doing so, this can also help improve family relationships, create new memories, and create a healthy lifestyle. As the weather warms up it is also a great idea to encourage your kids to join you for an evening walk, whether you have a dog, or if you just want to enjoy some time together. Bike rides are also a great way to spend time as a family. You can plan outings to the library, grab some frozen yogurt, or just enjoy a simple nature ride.


So, get up and get active!


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