3 Ways for Kids, Teens, and Spouses to Wow Mom this Mother’s Day

3 Ways for Kids, Teens, and Spouses to Wow Mom this Mother’s Day

They say a woman’s work is never done, right? As a mom of a toddler, I know first hand what that really means. Being a mom is an honor, a privilege, AND exhausting. One minute we are laughing and celebrating the moments and milestones that fill our hearts with so much love and joy. The next, we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the constant changes and surprises children bring just as soon as we get comfortable and into a routine. This Mother’s Day, why not show Mom how much she is appreciated and loved. Do something a little different. Prepare ahead of time, get the family involved, and make it a Mother’s Day to remember.

Schedule time for love stories

Love stories? What’s that you ask? Well, this can be whatever you make it, but here are some ideas. Whether it’s just your immediate family, or you want to get extended family involved, schedule a time for each family member to share a story with Mom about a time they felt extra loved. This can be scheduled every hour (depending on how many people will be involved), or over a few set times throughout the day, whatever works with your schedule.

Gifts are great, but to hear loved ones share personal experiences that are memorable to them will be sure to melt Mom’s heart. Prepare ahead of time and write it down. Try to provide as many details as possible so that Mom can go down memory lane with you…and probably shed a tear or two!

Plan the ultimate staycation

We all love a little getaway don’t we? Sometimes it’s not that easy to actually “get away.” Life gets busy and just as the thought crosses your mind that a vacation sounds perfect, it’s not always possible. So, plan a staycation for the day, or make a weekend out of it this Mother’s Day. Has Mom mentioned somewhere that she really wants to go? Has she been reminiscing about returning to one of her favorite places? Take elements from those places and incorporate them into a staycation. For example, maybe Mom loves a relaxing, island, beach type of vacation with snorkeling, swimming, and fruity island drinks. Look into your local park district or an indoor water park nearby to enjoy some swimming together as a family. Visit the aquarium to see the fish and maybe a dolphin show. Make Mom one of her favorite drinks (have and adult purchase anything that contains alcohol) and serve it to her at home. Ask Alexa to play some island music so Mom can really put herself in vacay mode.

Let Mom off the hook

At the end of the day, Mom will appreciate the fact that she can have a day where she doesn’t have to plan or prepare. Plan everything for her, or plan nothing and just enjoy the day together with no worries about a schedule. You know your mom best, so think about what she would like to do, or not do. No laundry, no planning, none of that! The laundry can wait. Mom’s probably been washing the same load of laundry for 3 days because she keeps forgetting to put it in the dryer…or maybe that’s just me! It’s the little things, so really tune in to what Mom does day to day. You know, those “mom” duties, and try to take care of those items on your own. Let her sleep in. Bring her coffee. Tidy up the house (you’ll get brownie points if you clean the house for Mom, just sayin’). Plan dinner, even if it’s just picking up takeout, and let her just enjoy her day.

Celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. Get creative and think outside the box. No matter how you decide to express your love and gratitude, the fact that her family put in a little extra effort on her special day will go a long way.

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