Therapist Spotlight – Nicole LoChirco, MA, LPC, ALMFT

Therapist Spotlight – Nicole LoChirco, MA, LPC, ALMFT

What drew you to counseling/social work?

Bullying drew me to counseling. Weird, I know, to start off my answer with the word “bullying,” but it is the truth. When I was in grade school I had a lot of anxiety, which led to my peers not understanding my emotions, which in turn led to me being bullied for who I was. I even remember my first therapist, a young woman who asked me questions and played games with me. The one thing I will never forget, though, is that she inspired me to look inside myself and accept myself for the person I was, and it didn’t hurt that it was also written on an American Girl Doll postcard she gave me.

By experiencing that empathy and compassion from another person who wanted to listen and understand what I was going through, I knew I wanted to help others just like she helped me. Sometimes all we need is someone to show compassion and true kindness that makes a world of a difference in a young child’s life.

What is your favorite part about being a therapist?

My favorite part about being a therapist is getting to help people every single day. I tell my clients that not every session will be sunshine and rainbows and they might not like me one day compared to the next, but I will always be honest and truthful, and I will help support them through the storm. Therapy is tough work — I would know, as I have been there — but I think that is what makes being a therapist so great.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a human?

My greatest accomplishment as a human happened when I was in New York City on 5th Avenue, very busy and hectic, and a little girl was looking for her family. I stopped to make sure that she was safe, as she was telling an older gentleman she was lost. He was asking her questions about where she lived and went to school. I did not feel comfortable leaving her with this older gentleman and introduced myself to this little girl and told her how much I liked her dress. I then asked if she felt safe coming with me to find a police officer to find her family. After 15 minutes of working with the officer, her family appeared, and I knew that was one of my purposes being placed on this earth.

Nicole LoChirco, MA, LPC, ALMFT

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