HIGHLY RECOMMEND with Parents and Kids!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND with Parents and Kids!

October 6, 2013

North Shore Family Services came HIGHLY recommended to me by a behavioral pediatrician for my 6 year-old son.

I had a great first impression when I emailed a bit about my son and the situation we are looking for help for and within an hour or two Dori, the owner of the practice, had already responded to my email!  I was assuming I’d have to wait a day or two to hear back.

Upon the first meeting with her (my husband and myself alone), I was very comfortable and confident that she would be able to help my son as well as myself.  My son has only seen her 8 times so far, but in those 8 visits we’ve seen a huge improvement in his behavior.  Right before the start of the school year, Dori had suggested we find a “good fit” teacher for my son and she wrote a letter to the school recommending the personality type of a teacher he’d be best suited to have.

I love how she uses game playing and play therapy to teach him things like thinking before you react, the connection between positive behavior and good consequences vs. negative behavior and not so good consequences, etc.  Dori is very down to earth and realistic with her suggestions on how to help my son.  My son gets very proud of himself when he’s done something that he’s learned how to do from a suggestion from Dori.  He’s excited to bring her things he’s drawn to show her and talk to her about.  She is great with open communication with parents which is HUGE to me.  I would highly recommend  Dori Mages to any family that is looking for help for their child!

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