Northbrook Office
September 23, 2019

Things have been much, much better and calmer at home. The tantrums my daughter was having almost daily have become mostly nonexistent, although we are still working through some issues with respect, accepting no for an answer the first time, etc. My daughter has become more self-aware, and she is able to identify some of her own behaviors, such as when she is overreacting, or unable to be flexible with a change in plans. On a whole, her demeanor has been more calm, reasonable, and understanding, and less rigid/argumentative… She enjoys meeting with Annie, and I have found my conversations/emails with Annie to be very helpful in navigating different situations at school and overnight camp, when third parties have been involved. Annie has been instrumental in reaching out to those third parties and helping put measures in place to best help my daughter [succeed] in those environments. This has been her first experience with therapy, and I cannot say enough good things about Annie. I think the most important piece in all of this was finding the right fit for both my daughter and our family, and Annie could not be a more perfect fit. I feel like I used to have to deal with obstacles/difficulties alone or with my husband, but now we have a great resource to help get through tough issues. I have enjoyed time with my daughter more since we have started coming, and I feel that I am spending less time disciplining her, though we are still working through issues as noted above.

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