Northbrook office
March 20, 2019

Julia Woodson, Dori Mages and North Shore Family Services have been a lifeline for our family!  We first met Julia when my then 7 year old son was getting frustrated at school and struggling with self confidence. She knew exactly how to get through to him and gave him the tools he needed to work through his frustrations and feel good about himself.   And recently when my almost 10 year old daughter had us pretty freaked out as she was grasping to understand some really heavy  stuff, I reached out in desperate need of guidance and Julia came through for us that same day. She was able to help her understand and make sense of her very confusing feelings in a way that I never could have. By the time we left her office we were both breathing so much easier.  As my kids grow and change – and inevitably face new challenges – I feel so blessed to know that Julia, Dori and all of the wonderful, compassionate people at North Shore Family Services will be there for us when we need them.

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