December 3, 2018

I have made a lot of progress. Courtney Baumann has been my therapist for a few months now. She is really helping me – more than she probably knows. I was encouraged from the first session when she outlined an 8 week plan for looking at the internal and external landscapes that influence thoughts, actions, and decisions. Courtney gave me homework that first week and continues to give me assignments each time we meet. As a teacher, I can’t tell you how much I value this kind of approach. In sessions she listens, asks pointed questions, calls me on my BS (my words not hers), and focuses on the positive things I am doing, and the progress I am making. I have been in counseling several times before and Courtney is the best therapist I have had. I told her during the first session about a major life event earlier in my life and that it was “behind” me as I had dealt with it in previous counseling and it did not have anything to do with why I am in counseling this time. While she never said anything at the time, we have come back to that “old” issue and I have learned so much more and that there is much more to learn. Amazing for something that was supposedly “put away” years ago. Courtney lends books freely, answers emails quickly, sends links and videos for further research outside of our sessions, and provides opportunity and motivation to improve. There is an art and science to helping people and Courtney has mastered both. She has the technical knowledge and intelligence to develop a treatment plan and focus on issues that are more important. She also has the art of counseling well in hand a she is creative, adaptive, humorous, and relatable. I feel lucky to have found Courtney as a therapist.

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