December 15, 2017

We have identified many issues within our family that have attributed to our daughter’s lack of self-esteem. These issues have impacted her ability to perform in some social settings. Through talking with Lisa, we have been able to open the lines of communication between the four of us. We have developed much deeper relationships and truly enjoy each other. Our daughter has grown tremendously in the past four months – she is much more confident, secure with herself, and speaks her mind when she has something to say. The best part is that we have learned to listen and validate her feelings, not dismiss them, or always try to “fix them”.

She has learned many strategies to help her interact in social settings. I have witnessed her initiating conversations more often, offering appropriate comments and simply enjoying herself around her peers and adults.

Lisa has been a real joy to work with. We are thankful for all she has done to help Lauren – and all of us.

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