3 Secrets to a Thriving Couple Relationship

3 Secrets to a Thriving Couple Relationship

It is your lucky day! You found the blog that will help you make your relationship better RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, TODAY. Here are three no-nonsense strategies that you can use with your partner to create a thriving couple relationship in a world where most relationships are just trying to survive. 

Thriving Couple Strategy 1: STOP Everything and Connect

We are sheltered-in-place, quarantined, slowed down. USE THIS TIME to STOP. Sit with your partner eye-to-eye. Touch them. Open your heart to give and receive love. Process your feelings and theirs.

Find a comfortable place with your partner. Sit down with them so that you can each look into the other’s eyes. Hold hands. Be open to the experience and to sharing your thoughts and feelings. Be receptive to your partner’s experience and their sharing. Talk. Listen. Share. Just sit together and allow yourselves to experience each other in the moment. No matter how contrived it might seem at first, do not give up, go for it. Laugh. Talk about how awkward you feel, about your day, about anything and everything. When your partner speaks, listen and respond to what they have just said. Spend 10-15 minutes connecting with each other.

Thriving Couple Strategy 2: Rephrase, Rephrase, Rephrase

Simply, use your own words to describe what your partner just told you. Use phrases like, “What I think I heard you say is …” and “So, what you’re saying is …” Use the rephrase with strategy one. 

Thriving Couple Strategy 3: Create SAFETY

 At the core of what we are all experiencing right now is uncertainty and that can cause you and your partner to feel less safe than “normal.” Creating safety is an essential part of your relationship because it is the very reason you chose your partner in the first place.

In a relationship, safety depends most on creating a space in which you and your partner can be vulnerable.

Here are the “SAFETY Quick 6” for creating a vulnerable, safe space: Supportive. Affirming. Free. Empowered. Trustworthy. Yourself. The SAFETY Quick 6 will guide you in your journey to deepen your connection with your partner. The idea is to bring these qualities with you into your interactions with your partner.

Be supportive. Bring mutual benefit to yourself and your partner by helping each other cope with the tough times and capitalize on the good times.

Be affirming. Bring positivity and say “yes” more than you say “no.”

Be free. Bring a sense of curiosity and exploration as opposed to judgement and preconceived ideologies. Create a free space to be genuinely yourselves. Give freely, take freely.

Be empowered. Bring inner strength and confidence that you are in control of yourself only and have a right to feel, think, and do what you choose.

Be trustworthy. Bring reliability to your partner by showing them that they can believe in you, that you believe in yourself, that you believe in them, and that you believe in your relationship.

Be yourself. Bring your best and truest self by showing honesty and openness. Be present with your partner right here, right now, and be true to you. 

You are on your way from surviving to thriving.

By using the strategies above, you will infuse a positive and healthy energy into your relationships that will carry you through the tough times and help you celebrate the good times. If you want more tips and tricks to enhance your relationships, feel free to reach out to one of our therapists who would be happy to work with you. We can support your efforts with our passionate therapists who are waiting to meet you and your partner.

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