Therapist Spotlight

Therapist Spotlight

What is your favorite part about being a therapist? 

My favorite part about being a therapist is having the privilege to hear others’ stories. I enjoy storytelling and helping my clients make sense of and accept their past. When a person understands their past, they are constructively able to weave it into their present. Healing ensues and resilience is captured when a person owns their truth. Narrative work allows me to exercise my creativity and helps my clients flourish through building tapestries that are unique to every individual. 

What interventions do you use in session?

I enjoy working from a psychodynamic perspective. This means that I use several modalities that explore a person’s emotions and unconscious beliefs; Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a modality that I tend toward in particular. Using interventions based on this therapeutic model allows my clients to better understand the many different parts of themselves, from their “managers,” “firefighters,” and the parts of themselves that are in “exile.” IFS invites curiosity, compassion, and creativity into my work and ultimately allows my clients to healthfully manage their emotions with greater ease and awareness. 

What is something surprising that very few people know about you?

I love to travel and explore! After studying abroad in Florence, Italy, in college, I moved to Oregon for a summer to learn and practice organic farming. Following my undergraduate graduation, I then moved to Spain for a year to study, work, and travel. I ate and danced my way through Spain and enjoyed learning Spanish and forming friendships along the way. One of my goals is to become fluent in Spanish, which I enjoy practicing and studying.

Theresa Buch, MS, LPC

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