Have a Sense of Humor: 8 Great April Fools’ Jokes for Parents to Play on Kids

april fools day

Have a Sense of Humor: 8 Great April Fools’ Jokes for Parents to Play on Kids


On one day every year parents get a chance to let out their fun side and loosen up on the serious job of daily parenting! This April Fools’ Day get silly with your child and play 8 of the greatest kid appropriate jokes on them that will be sure to make them laugh.

Turn Back the Clocks

3 clocksStart off the day with a simple but effective joke of turning back the clocks. Get the kids up and ready for the day hours before they would even be up. In celebration of your victory joke, you can even use those extra hours they are awake to take them out to a breakfast!


Cereal Switch

bowl of cerealDo you have a selection of cereals for the kids to choose from in the morning? Well make it a perfect April Fools’ joke by taking your kids favorite cereals and switching the inside bags into different cereal boxes. Watch as they pour out their cereal and look completely baffled as another cereal comes out instead. Parents can alter this joke by choosing a cereal their kids enjoy, pouring it into a bowl with milk, and placing it in the freezer the night before. Frozen cereal for breakfast anyone?


Soap Doesn’t Work

nail polishFor a kid appropriate bath time joke, grab their bar of soap and paint it with a layer of clear nail polish. Place the no longer sudsy soap back in the shower and wait for all the confusion to begin. Hey at least when they approach you to ask questions about it you can be proud that they actually use soap!


A Solid Drink!

jelloNothing says a great April Fools’ joke like taking your child’s favorite drink, adding some gelatin to it, and refrigerating it with the straw in. When they are ready for a sip of that drink, watch in enjoyment as they struggle to understand why their drink is suddenly undrinkable. Feel free to create different drinks for each of your kids so that they don’t anticipate what will follow. For some April Fools’ Day drink recipes click here.

Why Doesn’t it Work?

TV remoteParents it’s time to use that great sense of humor of yours for this next joke. Just grab some clear tape and get to work taping over the sensors on all your child’s favorite electronics, including the television remote and their video game controllers. Sit back and enjoy some laughs as you watch your child fumble around trying to figure out why they can’t turn on their shows and games. Bonus points if you add to the joke and take the batteries out of the devices too.

The Minty Oreo

oreo cookieSnack time in your house can be an excellent time to try one of your simple kid appropriate April Fools’ jokes. Just take some Oreo cookies, scoop out the original crème center, and replace with some toothpaste! Parents can then be ready to capture the faces made as they bite into their “tasty” snack treats. Be sure to keep some regular Oreo cookies around as well so that they aren’t completely disappointed.

Free Money

stacks of coinsWant to enjoy the weather outside with the kids? Well no worries, here is a great kid appropriate joke to try outdoors! Start by finding some loose change (quarters may be most enticing), and then go ahead and superglue them down to the sidewalk. Watch as your kid struggles to pick up the coins they find. Who said “free money” was easy to come by?


They Grow too Fast

toilet paper april foolsFor another great kid appropriate joke, try stuffing a pair of your kid’s shoes with cotton stuffing or tissues. Confuse them about how they outgrew their shoes overnight. For even more fun, add a little more stuffing in one shoe and a little less in the other. Your kid will for sure wonder how one foot got bigger than the other.


Getting to share in some fun, harmless, kid appropriate April Fools’ jokes with your children can really help to build healthy family relationships and increase parent-child bonding. So parents please spend this April Fools’ exercising your sense of humor, combined with these 8 great kid appropriate jokes to try and practice on the family. Who knows maybe by next year you’ll have come up with other great jokes to add to this list!

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