Halloween Happiness: Tips for Fun with Little Ones on Halloween

Halloween Happiness: Tips for Fun with Little Ones on Halloween


NSFS shutterstock Halloween_224858845Halloween can be a really fun time for kids- candy, costumes, what’s not to love? For younger children, finding not-so-scary activities where they can join in the festivities is key. Enjoy these tips and Happy Halloween!


  1. Pass The Pumpkin – Using a small pumpkin (small enough for your kid can hold in their hands), play a song in the background. Players pass the pumpkin around the circle or back and forth. When the music stops, whoever is holding the pumpkin is out. The remaining players continue until there is only one person left. They are the Pass The Pumpkin winner!
  2. Find The Pumpkin! – Parents and kids can take turns hiding a small pumpkin in the house or yard. Other players search the area for the pumpkin. Set boundaries to include a smaller space for younger children.


  1. Painted Or Dipped Pumpkins – Using small, hand-held size pumpkins, use paint brushed to paint pumpkins. Kids can paint faces or designs. Instead of painting with brushes, kids can dip pumpkins into shallow containers of paint. Although paint can be messy, this activity avoids the use of knives and difficulty cutting through the tough exterior of the pumpkin.
  2. Painted Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin – After the pumpkin is carved, harvest, wash and dry the seeds. Once dry, allow kids to glue seeds onto a piece of paper or cardboard in the shape of a pumpkin. Parents can draw an outline in pen or pencil for younger kids. Allow the glue to dry for 10-15 minutes before completing next steps. Once dry, kids can paint the seeds to look like a pumpkin using orange, black and green.


  1. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie – It’s Halloween in the Hundred Acre Woods and everyone is excited about trick-or-treating! Pooh Bear learns a lesson about eating too much candy in this warmhearted, not scary movie that’s perfect for pre-school kiddos.
  2. Casper – In this cartoon story of the friendly ghost, Casper is used to feeling lonely, but seeks out a friend. This sweet and not scary film is perfect for 5-8 year old kids.
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