Dad’s Acting Silly Again!- 9 Fun Activities Dads Can do with their Kids

Dad’s Acting Silly Again!- 9 Fun Activities Dads Can do with their Kids


Shutterstock Father blowing bubbles with daughterBeing a dad can be so much fun!

Father’s Day is right around the corner. With summer officially starting next week, many dads will be spending time grilling with their families and having fun in the great outdoors. Father’s Day shouldn’t be the only time we plan something special with the family, but it is a great day to bond and become closer.

It is important that fathers build that special bond with their kids from the moment they are born and there are so many different ways to do that. Dads who play with their kids from day one not only boost their child’s physical and mental development significantly more than those who don’t “join in”, but hands-on fathers also suffer from less stress. Dr. Obie Clayton, professor of sociology at Morehouse College, explains, “The effect that fathers have on daughters is extremely strong, even more so than for boys. When fathers interact with their daughters, those girls have higher self-esteem and go on to succeed in college.” So dads, remember it is good for EVERYONE to play together and here is a great list of 9 ways to help build that relationship.

1) Build a fort with boxes, blankets, couch cushions or whatever else you have on hand that would work. This is a great way to build your child’s imagination.

2) Take a train trip to Chicago and check out the new Maggie Dailey Park. This is great for all ages. The park even has signs to let you know suggested ages, great for all parents!!

3) Play hide-and-seek. This one is a great idea for a rainy day too.

4) Make cookies or another snack to share. You could even surprise the neighbors by leaving them a special treat (don’t forget a note letting them know it was you)!

5) Be silly….this means do anything silly. Make your child laugh. These are the moments kids remember.

6) Cook or bake a special lunch together. Start with the grocery store and go shopping together! Help teach the importance of cooking/baking together.

7) For the special daddy/daughter dates, get dressed up and treat your special girl to a very extraordinary date. Remember, you will be the first man she loves.

8) Get some exercise and go on an adventure. Check out the local forest preserve and go for a walk. Don’t forget the bug spray!

9) Make a music video! Dance and sing as loud as you can!!

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