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My grade-school aged son has been working with Dori Mages and the progress he has made is phenomenal. Dori's approach is very hands-on, which works very well for my child. She has helped him how to be more flexible, more patient, to manage his anger more appropriately, to recognize important social cues, etc. She works one-on-one and in small groups, and utilizes all sorts of games to get the kids thinking about their behavior.

Dori has been a strong advocate for my child's success at school, and has worked closely with me and his teachers to make sure that what he learns with her is carried over to the school setting.

She responds to her emails and phone messages at all hours, and has always gone the extra mile for our family.

Winnetka, IL

Dori is a colleague who has blown me away with her professional and clinical savvy. She understands families and children and makes therapy engaging, fun, and effective. I highly recommend Dori Mages and her staff to any family seeking child therapy, therapy for their teens, or parenting help!

Chicago, IL

Dori has done an awesome job with our second grade son and we have seen great improvements in both his focus in class and his interactions with his peers.  We have excellent communication with Dori and as parents have been very involved with his therapy.  Dori would make role-play booklets with my son to help him walk through situations at school and at home.  This helps engage my son in his developing solutions to his issues, and served as a reminder for us to help reinforce these positive behaviors at home.  Dori has helped my family immensely and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapist.

Gurnee, IL

Dori is a fabulous therapist.  She is professional and experienced and goes the extra mile for each and every client.  Her ability to establish relationships with clients, parents, and school staff is a unique approach not easily found.  I have been a colleague of Dori's for several years and have consulted with her and relied on her vast expertise on many occasions.

Des Plaines, IL

I had the pleasure of working with Dori to ensure the success of one of my 1st grade students. From the start, Dori established an open line of communication between herself and the school. She was available to answer questions, provide insight to my observations and make recommendations based on the child's needs. Dori was able to help our school formulate a behavior plan that suited the needs of the student complete with language that was easily understood and goals that were achievable. Dori worked with me to minimize setbacks and would check-in on a regular basis. She was an integral part of the home-school connection and truly helped to educate the whole child!

First grade teacher/Gurnee, IL

I have worked with Dori for years and trust her to provide the highest level of care to all of my patients. She has excellent clinical skills and a great sense of how to help families deal with a number of life circumstances.

Clinical Neuropsychologist/ Arlington Heights, IL

Dori is a highly engaged professional who has worked wonders with our child through some difficulties he has faced with school.  She is dedicated to bringing out the best in our young child.  We have seen significant improvement in the last year and continue to work with her.  Our son actually wants to see Dori more often and if we have to miss a week (due to other obligations), he has complained that we don't see her enough.

She has been a wonderful advocate for our child both with the school and with our child's other doctors.  Her one-to-one work continues to give our child the  skills he needs to achieve in his life.  I am very happy that we found Dori.

Glenview, IL

My 6 year old son has been working with Dori Mages when he was 5.  I had some initial concerns about beginning therapy for him at such a young age, but those were alleviated as soon as I met Dori and saw her interaction with my son.  Dori is very kind and nurturing and she made my son feel comfortable opening up to her.

I saw behavioral changes in him almost immediately.  Dori has not only helped me understand how to help make my son more comfortable dealing with anxiety, but has taught him tools needed to make those "worries" less scary.

I can't say enough great things about Dori, I highly recommend her for anyone looking for family services.

Lake Zurich, IL

The experience I have had so far with Dori has been unbelievably amazing.  My daughter responded so well to her in the first five minutes of meeting her.  Dori has this wonderful, magical gift of making kids feel so comfortable, loved, and supported. She also gives concrete strategies on how to deal with things, not just talking. I feel so lucky that we crossed paths.  My daughter flourished from her time spent with Dori.

Glenview, IL

Thanks so much for your care and attention to our family.  Your work with our daughter is really shown by her new found confidence in herself and her abilities.  We are so glad we had the opportunity to work with you.

Chicago, IL

You taught me I could do things I thought I could never do.  I feel good about that.  So many people focus on what I do wrong and it really helped that together we focused on the positive and aimed for a brighter future.

Chicago, IL

I learned so much about myself and about how I want to be in the future.  You helped me to control my anger and communicate better with people in my life.  Thank you!

Chicago, IL

North Shore Family Services came HIGHLY recommended to me by a behavioral pediatrician for my 6 year-old son.

I had a great first impression when I emailed a bit about my son and the situation we are looking for help for and within an hour or two Dori, the owner of the practice, had already responded to my email!  I was assuming I'd have to wait a day or two to hear back.

Upon the first meeting with her (my husband and myself alone), I was very comfortable and confident that she would be able to help my son as well as myself.  My son has only seen her 8 times so far, but in those 8 visits we've seen a huge improvement in his behavior.  Right before the start of the school year, Dori had suggested we find a "good fit" teacher for my son and she wrote a letter to the school recommending the personality type of a teacher he'd be best suited to have.

I love how she uses game playing and play therapy to teach him things like thinking before you react, the connection between positive behavior and good consequences vs. negative behavior and not so good consequences, etc.  Dori is very down to earth and realistic with her suggestions on how to help my son.  My son gets very proud of himself when he's done something that he's learned how to do from a suggestion from Dori.  He's excited to bring her things he's drawn to show her and talk to her about.  She is great with open communication with parents which is HUGE to me.  I would highly recommend  Dori Mages to any family that is looking for help for their child!

Antioch, IL

My teen daughter has been working with Dori for about five months now and she has been amazing. She has helped my daughter think things through, see new perspectives, how to deal with friends and teen pressures, and how to break things down into do-able pieces so they don't seem so overwhelming. She's also worked with her on mapping out a schedule to fit everything in and be more organized mentally and literally. Dori has been an incredible support and a voice of calm and reason. So fantastic!

Deerfield, IL

You have helped our children make a lot of progress. We are now living in separate homes, are divorced, and are working through many transitions and behavioral challenges. Our kids' therapists at North Shore Family Services have been kind, attentive, and helpful. Not only do you give our kids skills and strategies to help them cope with the changes, your advice and tools have been so helpful to us as parents.  Our children have shown a lot of improvement and feel extremely comfortable. Thanks so much!

Northbrook, IL

Since we have begun child therapy with North Shore Family Services, our 5 year-old daughter has become more confident and self-aware. She takes great pride in mastering her behavior and is working on being kind to herself when she has a setback. Her relationships with peers have improved and she has successfully attended birthday parties now. She loves coming to your office!

Lake Forest, IL

With your help, our son has become more resilient, more responsible, and more independent. He has a better sense of how he should be treated by peers and has made better choices about choosing friends. He has learned strategies for calming himself. He is sleeping better and is more willing to take risks without being deterred by fear of being unsuccessful.

Deerfield, IL

Thank YOU!

Elyse is a great fit for my son and North Shore Family Services' approach to therapy is so different than the clinic we attended previously that it's refreshing. I love that Elyse asked what our therapy goals are and will work to meet them. Cannot thank you enough! My 6 year-old son left your office feeling so grown up and not "babyish" at all. :-).

I also wanted to let you know that I was initially resistant to bringing my son because we have an out of network insurance, even though you came highly recommended. Our past experience with out of network insurance was horrendous and not one person at the previous places we attended helped us in the way you did with ONE email. Thank you. Thank you!

Deerfield, IL

We were looking for help for our child because of negative behaviors at school. It is so hard for parents to try to try to help your kid when you feel lost. We had moved to this area last year and this took a toll on our kid. The unhappiness that took over crushed us, and those constant school calls were a struggle.
I feel so lucky and grateful we found Haley at North Shore Family Services. She was the gift we needed. With an incredibly sweet approach and patience she not only guided my child, she guided me too. We started seeing progress pretty fast. Her talks set in and started to make a big difference Smiles came back and school calls stopped!  We are finally back to the normal crazy home routine and have embraced our new town. By Haley helping and guiding my kiddo, she also helped the entire family deal with the stressful months and now have this be a thing of the past.  I do know that if I need anything else for any family member, I would without hesitation reach out to her and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of help!

Deerfield, IL

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